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PVP Tournament & new servers!

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PVP Tournament & new servers! Empty PVP Tournament & new servers!

Post by timmie124 on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:15 pm

Recently i noticed that it's been kinda quiet around the server, idk why this is but never the less lets try to get people joining again by being friendly to new players and voting for the server daily @

voting for the server will give you 3 diamonds every time you vote! just tell an admin when you vote


Minecraft News

Servers been running pretty smooth, I have yet to see any major issues!

--installing a mod that prevents boats from breaking


Sense the winner of the last PVP tournament didn't collect there prize we will be having another PVP tournament on January 14th!

Winner will get a choice of the following prizes

-1 month donator status with custom rank/nickname

Second place will get a choice of what ever item is left over
and same apply to third!

Rules & guidelines
-you will need a team of 3
you can register your team here

there will be multiple fights in several different fields over all
each team will fight at least once in every field!

once one team is left standing they will have to fight each other in a flatland fight
Last one standing is the winner
Second second to die
Third is first to die

New Servers!

Terraria server
The server has Tshock plugins is now available to play on! is the ip the port is 7777

Donators get Admin on the following servers

Team Fortress Server
- The server ip is
- for those who don't know how to manually join a server there is two methods console and add to favorites.

--Favorite method is probably the best and the easiest because it saves the server.
go to the server browser in team fortress and press the favorite tab then press add to favorites and add the ip address into that. The server should show up into your favorite server list now.

--Console Method is another quick way to join a server but first you need to enable the Developer Console. Press options then go to the keyboard tab, press advanced and check off enable Developer Console, then apply the settings. Now press ~ and type Connect

-Enabling console is something your going to want to do in the future because it lets you fine tune settings.

Counter-Strike Source Server!
Today I ordered a Counter-Strike source server, I'm going to be adding a few custom maps
- aim_ag_texture_city
- fy_iceworld
- de_highschool
- de_crackhouse
- aim_ak_colt
and more to come

I think I covered just about everything
thanks for reading

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PVP Tournament & new servers! Empty Re: PVP Tournament & new servers!

Post by xxN1NJ4SMURFxx on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:31 am

Man I really want to play terraria. Let me know when the next pvp is gunna be:)


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PVP Tournament & new servers! Empty Re: PVP Tournament & new servers!

Post by pantaleon26 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:22 pm

btw i built a betting frame over the arena we used last, so we might need to delete it before we hold a major event


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PVP Tournament & new servers! Empty Re: PVP Tournament & new servers!

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