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Post by timmie124 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:17 am

Welcome to TSCGaming
Here in this server you will meet some of the most interesting gaming communities online. We have some of the worst to some of the nicest people, you'll quickly discover who they are Razz TSC was founded 6-10-11 with its first dedicated minecraft server! It started out with the remains of the large server, most of the community decided to move over to my server (timmie124) The TSC community has been extremely close and tight together especially the ones who have joined the ventrillo and have taken the step to be active in our community! Don't be afraid to speak up and have a good time talking to everyone here. As TSC grows the types of servers we have will grow too, Currently we have a Garrysmods Build server up (it will only be up till saturday) if you want this server to say up the goal is 30 dollars a month so please donate (a donation of 15 will give you the contributor rank which grants you the /i command) and thanks to a 3rd party we will soon have a Counterstrike server! want to join us on steam? go to note...TSC does not really stand for Tragic Suicidal Commandos


TL;DR: While Iguanas CAN be fed on a mayonnaise only diet, it is hard to do and rarely worth the risk.

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