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1.2 Server Update

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1.2 Server Update Empty 1.2 Server Update

Post by timmie124 on Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:42 pm

Sorry about the Long wait for this update, I was Ill prepared for this as there really isn't set dates for all of this. Then plus me not wanting to upgrade to permission ex was also a big reason for this update to take so long.

But The server is almost up I finished main world permissions last night, and going to do the multiverse permissions on the fly as we add worlds. I will have the new commands up for the admins, there might be some new commands for players but I would not be too woried about it yet

-Ranking players is no longer simple as there is no updated setrank plugin yet
The command is
pex user group add

We no longer have big brother I will have the new big brother type plugin updated as soon as I can. As this is the only thing holding me up.


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