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random killer (mozzilafox)

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random killer (mozzilafox)

Post by MrPlattypus on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:39 pm

firstly i was making a nether wart mini farm for my brewing.
Suddenly a person named Mozzilafox wanted to tp to me.
he/she said she needed to tp.As i allowed he/she mozzilafox dint do anything
but as i turn my back mozzilafox hit me until i died.
mozzila then took my stuff and suddenly fell into a lava and called he/she a
fuck*r she said sorry but then when she was at spawn she killed another guy named Sagi25 and he asked to return his items and mozzilafox refused

I am hoping that Sagi25 and I will get out items back and have mozzilafox banned

Items i had which i remember:
1.diamond plate (body) 4.nether warts (only 2 but it was needed)
2.diamond pickaxe 5.glistering melons about 10
3.diamond sword 6.64 melons(not important at all)
But i do not know what sagi25 had

Thank You for reading.


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Re: random killer (mozzilafox)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:54 pm

This needs to go in player/grief reports.



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