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Post by Guest on Wed May 02, 2012 9:38 pm

If you are new to this server then you might be wondering what our ranking system looks like... This thread contains all the information you should know.

Guest:The first rank you will be. This is the default group, you will be this rank the first time you come on the server.

Member: This rank is achieved by posting an introduction deemed god enough on the forums. Here is the link:

There are two branches to our ranking system: The building route and The trust route. These two branches are quite easy to follow.

The building route:
Builder:This rank requires you to have posted an application on the forums in which you will post at least four of your best builds on the server for one week for people to vote on. At the end of that week you may or may not acquire the Builder rank.

AdvancedBuilder: Also known in game as ADV this rank is a rank acquired after posting a Advanced Builder portfolio which consists of all your favorite builds that you have made on the server. Once we think that you are ready to become ADV we will rank you in-game and inform you.

MasterBuilder: As the title indicates these are the best of the best. Only a few select members gain this rank and it can only be given to you from admins. Whenever someone thinks you have what it takes they will report it to the admins and if enough of us agree you will gain it. There is no other way.

The trust route:
Trusted: As the name indicates so well, to become trusted you have to be trusted. This can be achieved by being on our ventrillo server (voice chat) as often as you can and by following the rules and not being annoying on minecraft. You do not apply for that rank you will be given it at random when the time comes.

VIP: The VIP rank is only handed out to the members of this community that have proven themselves useful to the server and did an outstanding job at it.

Now comes the fun part!

Donator: a Player who has donated a certain amount of money to the server. With donations we can upgrade the server have fun give-aways or you can buy your own map.

Moderator: If you manage to achieve this rank then you must be amazing. These are the elites of the server, they keep this place running when no admins are on. Even when the admins are on it is their job to make sure that members are well treated and that they do not have problems.

Admin: The admins are the backbones to running this server, without them, everything would go to the dump. They rank people up, manage the forums, deal with annoying misfits and most of all... They deal with Tim's bullshit.

There is also a ''Nigger'' rank, this rank is reserved for one special guy. H31ix.

Founder: The owners. Timmie124 and Spencer1230. Also known as Tim and Spencer.

If you have any other question you can private message me and/or talk to me in-game if you see me!



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