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I'm getting sick... Empty I'm getting sick...

Post by Grizzly157 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:11 pm

It seems like I'm constantly getting screwed on this server. Yeah it used to be my favorite but I'm starting to get kinda pissed. Markie and I built a house and it's been rolled back twice so 1/4 of my house is gone. Also I'm starting to get pretty mad that people are getting ranked faster that me... I want to get the rank of Loyal since I've stopped a lot of shit from happening on the server. I even stopped it from being destroyed. I've had a shit load of stuff griefed and stolen from me and I didn't say a word because I knew that one day I'd be an Admin and be able to stop it for good. But the only active admins are Twotoed and Pant and they get on maybe twice every two weeks where as I'm on almost everyday. When they aren't around I'm the only person who gives a shit about what's happening. I'm more reliable than most admins is what I'm saying.

I don't mean to sound demanding but I have a lot of crap to deal with in real life and this server is kind of like a get away. I just want to make sure it stays safe.


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I'm getting sick... Empty Re: I'm getting sick...

Post by ATinyMuffin on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:21 pm

I'm not sure if you realise, but all this does is lower your chances of actually getting ranked up...

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I'm getting sick... Empty Re: I'm getting sick...

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:30 pm

If you are not telling us about the griefs then you are not helping the server whatsoever. There is a grief report section on the forums used specifically for things like that. Ranking isn't an easy thing to do, it is supposed to take you time. The easiest way to rank up is probably to go through the building route of the rank tree.

As for your goal, which is to become admin, I wont say that it is impossible but there are very little odds that a new admin will be taken into the group. If things don't go your way or if you get griefed again please report it and we will fix it for you. Do not try to cover up the griefs or to fix them on your own, that will simply hinder us and make our job harder.

Thank you for posting something like this and let me simply suggest that, if you indeed truly have a lot going on in your life, to take care of that first because it is most likely more important than playing games on the internet. Prioritize stuff according to their degree of importance.

~Hugo Mélançon (Boss950)


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I'm getting sick... Empty Re: I'm getting sick...

Post by timmie124 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:39 pm

Just like boss said there is a section on the forum, and achieving admin is near impossible right now, as no one as truly made an effort of becoming an admin, if admin is really your goal start looking into making a difference in the community such as hosting events! you don't have to be an admin to do this, if you need help with something like this post on the forums of the time and date so someone on the administration team can help you out.

also I've never seen you in ventrilo, Ventrilo is the biggest step in becoming a mod or admin, as it helps us notice who you are, and being able to hear you vocally helps us identify you. I have been thinking about adding new mods and new admins because the older ones don't come on as much, but honestly i've never seen you on and you've probably never seen me on as well.

So best advice i can give you is
1. start reporting griefs
2. start going on ventrilo
3. start making an effort at improving the quality of the server.


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I'm getting sick... Empty Re: I'm getting sick...

Post by Kronmuffin on Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:13 pm

grizzly ur just being silly this is TSCGaming u come here to get screwed over thats are thing.

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I'm getting sick... Empty Re: I'm getting sick...

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