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Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw!

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Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw! Empty Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw!

Post by Hadskills on Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:02 pm

What are your goals in life? -Stay alive-

What makes you stay at TSC Gaming? -I don't know, Spencer and Royce I guess-

What made you come to TSC/H31lix In the first place? -H31lix dying-

If you could punch Any of the other Admin in the Dick, which admin would it be? -Steven -male admins only- --Tim-

What are the top 5 games you enjoy most? - Uhhhh, GTA, TF2, uhhh Halo, Minecraft, APB:R

Current relationship status? -*Looks left and right* Yep that's about it.-

If you could fuck any of the other admins, who would it be and Why? -Spencer --Tim, because i'm gonna wreck dat ass.-

What's your Favorite Movie? -Shit, uhh; Henry Poole is here-

What's your favorite kind of Music? -Uhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ... Beep boop cannot compute please come back later *Translation: I DO NO FUCKING KNOW!*

Who is your favorite Admin? - You can not pick yourself- -- Kazumi58 she doesn't do stupid shit-

What is the size of your Genitals? -Spencer -Nuh uh Hun, Spencer aint getting none dis.-

What is the one secret tip that will turn you in favor of a guest ? HA HA Fuck Them, no seriously, be quiet and don't bother me-

Which Admin would you kill, given the chance? -Kron Because then the universe would collapse in on itself.-

Which admin Would you fuck the living shit out of, given the chance? -Vinnie - --Spencer Because Wink -

Which admin would you take home to the folks? -out of these people, uhhh none. actually uhm maybe Hadskills because she probably wants to meet them (they're her relation)-

What kind of door would you be? - A large brass door covered in gears and tubes with delicately carved scenes of a web-comic about roommates in it, with a handle made of lead that if not turned correctly will produce a needle that injects rust into the bloodstream that causes lock-jaw so I can chuckle at your failed attempt to open it.-

What got you started in Gaming? -BattleField 2, playing it on my brother's friend's computer

How did you get into Minecraft? -Playing it on my brother's account after watching him play it.-

Why do you run a server or help run it? -It's more entertaining that staring at my monitor-

Where were you born? -Dallas, Oregon-

How old are you? --18 can you not look at my profile? God lazy asses!-

Where do you reside now? -Murrieta- CA-

Are you heavy into PC gaming? -Yes?-

Where do you want to be in the future? -jobs, school, location, etc- --Uhh, i don't know what I want to do past next week, i want to not be where I am.-

If you could switch lives with any one of the admins, who would it be and why? --Kron, I'd like to know what it's like to have the ego of 10 pop stars.-

What do you like to do for fun? -Please see Question #5

What are some of your hobbies? -Staring off into the distance, making stupid shit in PS (photoshop), Drawing horribly..... I don't have real hobbies-

Here is Our TwoToedBob!

[url=Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw! GpQ4dz3]


Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw! AshSig1

Twotoedbob Admin Interveiw! Tscban10


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