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Mob Arena (added rewards, and bosses)

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Mob Arena (added rewards, and bosses)

Post by loop857 on Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:16 pm

The mob arena is now open!

I have the following classes so far

  • Ninja (Speed)
  • Archer (Range)
  • Knight (DPS)
  • Tank (Tank)
  • Chemist (Support)
  • Pyro (Fire fire everywhere)
  • BeastMaster (Gets 5 wolfs)
  • SnowMan (Shits and gigs)
  • Medic (Healing support)

If you have any suggestions for classes post in the comments and if i like it ill put them in

The only map so far is called Fire

Fire pics:

I have plans for a ice arena, plain, jungle, and mabye air if kron wants to make a arena is his temple

Your free to try to make your own arena and if i think its good to be put in ill add it

The commands are
/ma join
This is to join and arena. You then right click a class and then right click the iron block to flag yourself as ready, or if your alone to start it. Note: you cant join an arena that is active

/ma spec
This will teleport you to the spectator box so you can watch your friends get eaten by zombies

/ma leave
This will make you leave the arena or the spectator box and back to where you did /ma join or /ma spec

Note: When you type the name of a arena IT IS CASE SENSITIVE!

Every 3 rounds you can get
10, 20, or 30 in game cash
Every 5 rounds you can get
40, 50, or 60 in game cash
Every 10 rounds you can get
100, 110 in game cash

After a round means you have killed every mob in that round
After round 10 you can get one of any music disc
After round 15 you can get either 5 gold ingots, 3 diamond, or 2 emerald
After round 20 you can get either a block of gold, diamond, or emerald

Before every boss round you get a upgrade round which for now gives every one another healing potion, and the medic 1 more splash heal and 1 more splash regen

Round 10 boss is a zombie
Health: medium
ability's: root-target, throw-nearby

Round 20 boss is a spider
Health: medium
ability's: shuffle-positions, pull-nearby, root-target, disorient-target

If you want to make your own boss say what round u want it to be at. its health lvl, what type of mob it is, and its ability's.

List of ability's:

 NAME                DESCRIPTION
    arrows              Shoots arrows
    fireballs           Hurls fireballs
    fire-aura           Burns all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    lightning-aura      Strikes lightning 4 places around itself (3-block radius)
    living-bomb         A random player is set on fire, and explodes after 3 seconds
    obsidian-bomb       Spawns an Obsidian block which explodes after 4 seconds
    chain-lightning     Lightning strikes the target and jumps to a nearby player
    disorient-target    Spins the target around 45-315 degrees
    disorient-nearby    Spins all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    disorient-distant   Spins all distant (8+ blocks) players
    root-target         Locks the target in place for a couple of seconds
    warp-to-player      Picks a random player in the arena to warp to
    shuffle-positions   Swaps everyone's (including the boss) positions around
    flood               Places a water block on a random player's location
    throw-target        Throws the target backwards (if in distance)
    throw-nearby        Throws all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    throw-distant       Throws all distant (8+ blocks) players
    pull-target         Warps the target to the boss' location
    pull-nearby         Warps all nearby (5 blocks radius) players to the boss' location
    pull-distant        Warps all distant (8+ blocks) players to the boss' location

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Re: Mob Arena (added rewards, and bosses)

Post by timmie124 on Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:41 am



TL;DR: While Iguanas CAN be fed on a mayonnaise only diet, it is hard to do and rarely worth the risk.


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