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How to get and use ventrilo.

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How to get and use ventrilo.

Post by Spencer on Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:14 pm

Step 1:

Go to ventrilo.com

Step 2:

Go to the download page on ventrilo.com

Step 3:

Select the correct client for which operating system your computer runs. Go through the simple installation process then run ventrilo.

Step 4:

Click the arrow next to the box titled "User Name"

Step 5:

Click "New" in the menu that opens and type your Minecraft username. Please do not use something different, that way we know who you are.

Step 6:

Click the arrow next to the box titled "Server"

Step 7:

Click "New" in the menu that opens and type TSC Gaming, or whatever you want to call it, and type the information shown. Don't worry about typing a password, it isn't needed and I will set you up with one when I get around to it.

Step 8:

Once you have all of the information typed in, click "Connect" on the right side of ventrilo.

Once you are in ventrilo, you can talk to anyone in the same channel as you. To move throughout the channels, just double click them. The channels are the bold letters in the server.

The default key to talk is left control, however this can be changed in the setup menu. To do this, click setup on the right side. In the setup menu, there is a box in the middle left that says "Hotkey". Click in that box then press whatever button you want to use to talk in ventrilo.


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