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Large Update and changes 8-17-11

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Large Update and changes 8-17-11

Post by timmie124 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:23 pm

First off i would like to thank Kron for his amazing job at getting people to vote for the server and putting us back on the front page! we have noticed a large increase in traffic on the server! thanks for everyone that has voted and keep on voting just tell us u voted and u will be rewarded

Last night all the admins had a large discussion about plugins and permissions and these are the Results.

-mean Admins (were already assholes i know)
-mob rider

-permissions plus


New Ranks!
Here's the deal with mod, currently its an admin rank but where droping it down to an earnable rank
all of the current mods will be moved to admin rank, they will have kick, ban, and mute. in order to be a mod you must be in VENTRILLO
-nomads will now be guests
-villagers will now be members
and from there it will split off

-Advanced Builder
-Mega Builder

-trusted (trusted is = to Advanced)
-MOD to be a mod u must be a trusted (only admins vote on mods)

don't have nickname
tp and tphere have been removed
its now /tpa to send out a reuqest, /tpaccept to accept it, /tpdeny to deny it
the reason for this is because of of the tping and killing that goes on
you will also get /tptoggle so u can turn it on and off
(we maybe revert this back to the way it used to be and give villagers the /tptoggle command

no longer have mute
no longer have kick
they get /tp and /tphere
(were tired of mini-moding)
- will get the ability to make warps and warpgates ( you already do but for some reason your all tards so this is almost a reminder that u can)

will be emailed a Terms of Service stating u are subject to ban with out a refund and similar stuff
(still being written)

We will have an official rule page up soon

the map may be reset its still being discussed (this is because were tired of running into diamond cashes, this is partly due to iconomy and the mall prices being cheaper then the /sell)

will be private to admins contributors and mods

im sure i forgot some other stuff i will add that later

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Re: Large Update and changes 8-17-11

Post by Gingerape on Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:20 pm

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me just start out saying I realize, and I admit fault to being one of these "mini-mods" you all are tired of. I simply hate when people on the server act like immature idiots. I react and try to be responsible. I apologize for doing this, and with the new update I will obviously not act like a "mini-mod" anymore.

Secondly, I am happy about the new updates. I think the new rank system will increase maturity and respect among the members. I have a few thoughts and questions, however.
Will mega builder be a permanent rank, or temporary like before?
Will mega builder still have the /i or /give command?
Will mega builder be an earnable rank, as the new mod will be?

There's a few questions I would like answered.

I am sad to hear there's going to be yet ANOTHER map reset... creating new homes constantly is rather discouraging. Especially with my newly beloved home I just built Sad *check it out*

Hope this clears things up for more than just me.


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Re: Large Update and changes 8-17-11

Post by Ericod7 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:18 am


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Re: Large Update and changes 8-17-11

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:58 am

Trusted better require vent.


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Re: Large Update and changes 8-17-11

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