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Important update! 8-31-11

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Important update! 8-31-11

Post by timmie124 on Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:15 am

Been a tough week in my opinion with map corruption and the Zeeath kid
but other than that theres some important stuff everyone should be aware of

Advanced builder=Builder

New Ranking system
this is the official Ranking system
4-Advanced builder/VIP
Donator fits where ever depending on the persons reputation

What is a Guest?
-Guests are subject to instant ban upon any rule breaking, Guest are kept under heavy watch (usually stocked)

What is a Member?
-A member is a player that has signed up on the forums and are given the benefit of the doubt

what is a Builder?
- A builder is someone who can prove them selves worthy on the forums by making 4 interesting and different things, or unique and then get voted on by the community that is ran for 7 days!

What is a Trusted?
- A Trusted is someone who is really not the best of builder but is someone active in our community and gets the same commands as the builder rank, in order to get trusted you really do have to be trusted, best way is to be active on the forums, get in ventrillo, even if your just in listening it helps, but talking is a plus

What is an Advanced Builder?
- An Advanced Builder is someone who really can build they help make showcasable sculptures that the entire server can be proud of, want to be noticed? make a Advanced portfolio and just keep it up todate and admins will look at it, and when we feel you can be moved up we will move you up!

What is a VIP?
- A VIP is someone who is above Trusted they get the same commands as the Advanced builders, they influence the ideas on the server as well as help new players and maybe help coordinate fun things for everyone to do, this is a Rank given by an admin

what is a Maseter Builder?
- Master builder is the master of building want to be one only the All mighty GodMuffin can promote you to this rank.

What is a mod?
-mod is someone who is able to ban/unban, kick, mute, and able to moderate what goes on the server, they keep things in order, to achieve this rank you must of an Admin recommendation then 4 other Admins agree

What is a Donator
- a donator is someone who Donates money to get the /i command and a few other things. if you donate 10 dollars you will receive the Gift of this rank. There is a 3 strike policy for this rank if you reach these 3 strikes you will be either demoted or banned with NO REFUND
a Terms of Service will be sent to you that you must agree to for new donators

Map Corruption and what this means for you?
-ok so let me give you an insight into our servers weather conditions. Our server is located in Southern California in the Murrieta Valley (riverside county) Summer weather get anywhere from 100-130 degrees, The server being in a Residential area every house is blasting there A/C which causes power outages and surges.

Surges can KILL a computer, we have learned this in the past when a power surged kill a processor back when the server was ran by H31ix, it has also killed a harddrive. But in most recent time i have done a couple little things to stop this from happening. adding surge protectors that will cover damages Financially.

Saddly we did have a power Outage and the Surge protected Saved the CSS server -_- but not he Minecraft Server. Minecraft being as sensitive as it is, the Files got Damaged (iconomy and essentials) essentials is your home, stuff and iconomy is your money. but another major thing that gets corrupted easily is the MAP, we are able to fix the maps but when we fix the maps there is a strange thing that occurs A new map is underlines with the old one, if anyone Noticed there maybe random spikes of land are made were chunks had to be regenerated.

ok cool so we were able to keep the map and just a few things got dammanged?
answers NO

there is 2 maps running in 1 map so we have to Regenerate land the second map gets moved on top of it...if you looked at spawn area lately it needs to be regenerated...badly

So here's what going to happen
me and other admins have been working on constructing another map and were going to faze the old on out, there will be a multiverse portal that will bring you to the old map, we will bring certain things back that are requested. the old map will BE DELETED SEPTEMBER 14TH

How are we going to prevent this?
i bought a 40 minute power back up for the server should cover any power outage and we should be able to catch the power outage if its longer then a few minutes and safely turn off the server to prevent any damage.

Goals for Admins and mods
- get players Active on the forums!
- get players on the TF2 server TF2 IS FUCKEN FREE!
- Friday i want all admins to be on to discuss the Current Advanced builders

TF2 server changes
-made map rotation time 30 minutes
-going to add more maps to the map vote

hope this clarify things

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Re: Important update! 8-31-11

Post by Spencer on Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:21 am



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Re: Important update! 8-31-11

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:04 am

What time for friday?


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Re: Important update! 8-31-11

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