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Video tutorials are for noobs/ USEFUL COMMANDS

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Video tutorials are for noobs/ USEFUL COMMANDS

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:10 pm

For everyone

Brings up a list of all online players. Please do this instead of spamming a person's name who isn't even on.

Sets your home

Teleports you to the home you set.

Shows the amount of money you have.

Teleports you to spawn.

Has a lot more commands to lock chests/doors with passwords.

/lvt start
Starts a vote for day.

/lvt start night
Starts a vote for night.

/lvt yes
Vote yes.

/lvt no
Vote no.

For admins (incase we get more? :s)
You get a wand (necessary for later commands

With a diamond pickaxe, you can break anything with one hit.

Turn invisible, other admins can see you.

//set <block id>
Sets the region you selected with wand to whatever block you picked.

//replace <block id1> <block id2>
Replaces all of 1 with 2.

//expand vert
Expands whatever region you selected vertically. All the way to the top of the sky, and all the way to the bedrock. Be careful not to use //set after using this.

Undoes whatever worldedit you just made.

Regenerates the area to how it was when the map was generated. Best used with expand vert.

/region define <id>
Defines a region. id is the name of the region. This protects it.

/region addowner <id>
Adds an owner. You need this to make others be able to place/destroy blocks.

/region flag <id> <flag> <value>
The flag is like enabling/disabling pvp. Value is none/deny/allow.

/bb stick 2
God tier big brother. Replaces the inventory slot you're on with a big brother log. Left click to find out about the block you're clicking. Right click to find out about the block that was there.

/bb stick 1
Shit tier big brother. Same as above except only a left click.

/bb stick 0
Returns whatever was replaced by the bb stick.

Copies whatever you selected in your region. More about how to copy/paste

Pastes whatever you copied. More later.

//rotate 90/180/270
Rotates by one of these three degrees. Repeaters do not get rotated, so be wary.

/up <number>
You go up in elevation, whatever number you put in.

/infinite <id>
Gives an infinite amount of whatever id.

Copying is useful, so it's good to know how to do it.

Select your region. Now, how it gets pasted is all dependent on where you stand when you do the //copy command. If you stand all the way to the right, and one block away, when it gets pasted that's how it'll paste in relation to you. When you paste, it'll always paste in the same cardinal direction. If the thing you're copying faces west, it'll paste west, it does not matter which direction you're facing. That's why rotating is useful.
The basic thing is remember which block you did the //copy command. And the direction you're facing.


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Re: Video tutorials are for noobs/ USEFUL COMMANDS

Post by timmie124 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:32 pm

great post royce, we will only get new admins when 1 leaves now


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Re: Video tutorials are for noobs/ USEFUL COMMANDS

Post by H31IX on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:05 am



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Re: Video tutorials are for noobs/ USEFUL COMMANDS

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